Film and commercial credits

General Showreel

Please view a reel containing a collection of film and TV work below.


Commercial Showreel

Below is a montage of some of commercials, promo and music videos.


I Am NOT Black. You are NOT white (2015)

Was cast in Prince Ea’s viral video against racism, prejudice and bigotry. Received 15 million views in 2 days.


Kosmos (2015)

Played Ryan in the webseries Kosmos. Ryan works as a paramedic who picks up a woman who entered a coma under mysterious circumstances. Got featured in two episodes.

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Eddy & Coby (2014)

Played the manipulative health coach ‘Patrick’ in the black comedy ‘Eddy & Coby’, which premiered at the Netherlands Film Festival 2014. Patrick seduces and tries to blackmail an older woman in order to gain access to her fortune.


I Am Harlequin – Something Else (2012)

Played an 80’s jock, out to ruin a werewolf’s date with his high school sweetheart, in I Am Harlequin’s music video for ‘Something Else’. Directed by Corin Taylor.


Heineken James Bond Skyfall commercial (2012)

Played the waiter in the Heineken James Bond Skyfall commercial, directed by Matthijs van Heijningen. The ‘Man of the World’ is being chased by a gang of thugs, on a train which has a variety of James Bond related characters on board. The waiter serves a bottle of Heineken to Dr. No.


Matthew P. – Gilly (2010)

Played one of the many dates of a girl named Gilly, in a music video by Matthew P., directed by Alexander Brown. Gilly is a girl that drives a large variety of men completely crazy, but stands them all up in the end. Matthew P. shares his own experiences with Gilly in the song, while all other men around him are eagerly awaiting her arrival.

Matthew P. – Gilly

Vodafone Promotional Video (2009)

Played the main character in a promotional video for Vodafone, where a customer is transported through the push of a button on a mobile phone to a virtual world of advanced technologically assisted customer service. Recorded entirely in a green screen studio, directed by Joost Kraan.

Vodafone Promotional Video

Other credits

Other credits include “White Collar Hooligan 3” (2014), “It’s a Colour Thing” (2014), two student films called “Toothbrush” (2011) and “A Girl and a Gun” (2012), for Central Film School and Queen Mary University of London, a student documentary called “The Crossman” (2011) for Newport university, a TV series pilot trailer called “The Adventures of Dave and Captain Awesome” (2012), and an independent film showcasing a variety of emotions called “Ghaos” shown at a Dutch film festival (2007). Some of this material is featured in the showreel above.

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